Why Twitter is like Dating

It’s not ok to just be on Twitter. I often hear people say “I’m on Twitter” as if this ticks the Twitter box on their social media plan. Well I’ve news for you…. It’s not enough, it just won’t do! It’s like going to a party hoping to find a boy/girlfriend but not actually talking to anyone. Ok yes you went & maybe soneni might have noticed you and then maybe they decided to say hi or maybe not. Maybe they were more interested in those that approached them and therefore forgot about you. That’s quite a lot maybe’s, isn’t it?


Attracting new business & being noticed by potential clients & collaborators is no different. It’s pretty similar to dating. And if it helps to make this comparison then do it! Twitter is the most misunderstood platform so us whatever analogy to understand it well & use it to its full potential.


Imagine this scenario. You see a guy at a bar you’d like to get to know a little more shall we say. Which option do you think you’d get the best chance of getting his phone number?

  1. Completely ignore him. Remain talking within your circle of friends about things that interest you. Keep your fingers crossed that he’ll notice you.

  2. Be brave, approach him and start a conversation. Ask him questions about his interests. Listen to his answers, be genuine, honest & friendly.

My point is when you want your perfect clients to notice you & buy from you, you have to notice them. You have to show an interest in their interests. This is crucial because you need to be confident that your business client relationship is a good match. When you find these matches you’ll have very happy customers & we all know what happy customers do = share their experiences & tell their friends (to you and me this is called Social Media!)

So please don’t just be ON Twitter, but DO Twitter. Start conversations, seek out other businesses to collaborate with, take time to build & nurture new relationships.

All good relationships (business & personal) need energy, commitment, time & patience. This nurturing & growing stage is a whole other blog in itself!

Remember Twitter as the dating stage. So get out there and start flirting! (professionally speaking of course).

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