Not a flipchart or soggy sandwich in sight!

If you're expecting your average type of workshop... grey miserable building, Nice biscuits, nasty tea & coffee, soggy limp sandwiches (leftover from the workshop the day before) four blank walls and one big flipchart dominating the room (ok so I am painting a rather gloomy picture here and I know there are some awesome workshops out there now but bear with me) then BE PREPARED FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!

Workshops from SHC are: Inspiring. Imaginative. Exciting. Interactive. Fun. Because..... guess what? So are you AND so is your social media!

But you need to hear that from someone who has actually been on my workshops, not just me! Right?

Natalie from Baby Bank Network & Bond Lingua Bubs and Tots said this:

Thank you Sarah, I had the most amazing day and feel so inspired on how to move forward with @BondLinguaBubsandTots. You managed to cover some basic and more complex ideas to cater for all levels throughout the workshop without anyone feeling bored or left behind. I've already started to put some new things into practice and have told all my friends about you. So you should be getting some more people heading your way soon. Thanks you also for the 'after care' contact it has been invaluable! Natalie xx

If you'd like to experience a different approach to workshops while learning how to use social media effectively for your small business then think about attending  a workshop with me at Heartfelt Vintage in Clifton.

See here for all workshop details. Early Bird tickets are available on all workshops so book in early to grab the Early Bird price!

Photography: Nicola Jane Photography