'Ooh you smell nice'

Who taught us to ‘save it for a special occasion’? Our parents? Society? Why is it we choose one outfit as our ‘best party dress’ that gets worn a couple of times a year? If it’s our best shouldn’t we be wearing it and enjoying it say every week at least?

In life we ought to be enjoying our ‘best’ clothes, jewellery and other materialistic possessions that make us feel good… all the time! Feeling our best and looking our best shouldn’t be something that happens a couple of times a year, it needs to be a daily occurrence.

Okay so maybe we’re not going to go on the school run in a sequinned ballgown or spend hours in the hairdressers to then do the weekly shop in Tescos.

But we can be enjoying more of those ‘special occasion’ experiences on a regular basis. After all stopping ourselves from having pleasure from these things more often is an insult to our lives. The precious years we have on this planet and we’re limiting our best moments! I don’t think so! Isn’t today special enough? And tomorrow? and the next day?

Well I believe that it is. And so I recently took out my favourite perfume (only for VERY special occasions) from my perfume box (where other ‘special occasion’ perfumes live) and I placed it in a prominent position on the bathroom sink where I couldn’t help but see it every morning.

I then spritzed myself every day (sometimes twice a day!) with my favourite perfume and an incredible joyous feeling came over me, a highly positive excited ‘jump up and down’ feeling, like I was going to have the best day ever!

If that wasn’t brilliant enough I then received countless compliments throughout the day. Without hesitation people would say ‘Ooh you smell nice’! as if I’d cast a spell on everyone to sniff me and say those words. I don’t have any hypnotic skills nor did I pay them to be nice.

I was just wearing my favourite perfume that reminded me of many happy memories of holidays and nights out. I was reliving those lovely feelings every day and enjoying all the nice compliments too. To which I’d reply ‘Thank you’ and smile to myself knowing I’d feel just as fabulous the next day and the next.

Now my beloved perfume has run out. The empty bottle still sits proudly on my bathroom sink reminding me to feel special every day.

Do you save things for ‘best’? Why not make it an every day thing?