Are you neglecting yours?

You wouldn’t dream of letting passers by see your shop window display like this, would you? So why not give the same care and consideration for your online shop window? Your potential customers might find your business for the very first time on Social Media and their first impression of you (remember first impressions last!) is what they see on your Facebook page (I’m not talking about photos of your kids and you walking the dog! No, no I’m talking BUSINESS! Your Facebook Fanpage - although I’m not keen on this rather old fashioned term so lets call it your Business Page as opposed to your Personal Page).

What people see when they land there is important, it’s VERY important! If it doesn’t look open, inviting, welcoming or friendly do you think they’ll stay? Do you think they’ll want to come in and browse or chat? Nope, I don’t think so either. You’ve probably got about 3 seconds to convince them that they DO want to stay and find out more about you and your business. 3 seconds… that’s not very long is it? So my question to you is if you were visiting your page, what would you think? Give yourself 3 seconds and then decide: Am I staying or am I going? Think. Like. Your. Customer.