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Why Twitter is like Dating

It’s not ok to just be on Twitter. I often hear people say “I’m on Twitter” as if this ticks the Twitter box on their social media plan. Well I’ve news for you…. It’s not enough, it just won’t do! It’s like going to a party hoping to find a boy/girlfriend but not actually talking to anyone. Ok yes you went & maybe soneni might have noticed you and then maybe they decided to say hi or maybe not. Maybe they were more interested in those that approached them and therefore forgot about you. That’s quite a lot maybe’s, isn’t it?


Attracting new business & being noticed by potential clients & collaborators is no different. It’s pretty similar to dating. And if it helps to make this comparison then do it! Twitter is the most misunderstood platform so us whatever analogy to understand it well & use it to its full potential.


Imagine this scenario. You see a guy at a bar you’d like to get to know a little more shall we say. Which option do you think you’d get the best chance of getting his phone number?

  1. Completely ignore him. Remain talking within your circle of friends about things that interest you. Keep your fingers crossed that he’ll notice you.

  2. Be brave, approach him and start a conversation. Ask him questions about his interests. Listen to his answers, be genuine, honest & friendly.

My point is when you want your perfect clients to notice you & buy from you, you have to notice them. You have to show an interest in their interests. This is crucial because you need to be confident that your business client relationship is a good match. When you find these matches you’ll have very happy customers & we all know what happy customers do = share their experiences & tell their friends (to you and me this is called Social Media!)

So please don’t just be ON Twitter, but DO Twitter. Start conversations, seek out other businesses to collaborate with, take time to build & nurture new relationships.

All good relationships (business & personal) need energy, commitment, time & patience. This nurturing & growing stage is a whole other blog in itself!

Remember Twitter as the dating stage. So get out there and start flirting! (professionally speaking of course).

If you’d like to book a 121 Twitter tutorial please get in touch to find a convenient time for you -

Four proven ways to book more clients

We all want more clients, right? If you answered no and you have plenty of business now and lined up then congratulations that’s brilliant! But for the majority of us, especially small businesses that work on one-off projects we need to work on ways to find more clients.

I’ve used all these methods with positive results, why not try one a week every day and see what happens? Try, measure, tweak, try again.

1. Social Media! Haha! I had to feature this as my top strategy, of course I’m slightly bias! A lot of people say to me ‘I’m on social media, but it isn’t working, I’m not getting any business.’ But it doesn’t work if you are just ‘on’ social media you have to DO IT! You need to decide what platform(s) are the ones your ideal clients use and then consistently engage with people there ensuring you are clear on your business message and giving away your expertise - be generous with your advice.

2. Referrals. In a recent seminar I attended with Oliver Dax he revealed that referrals are the number one way to get new business & have a typical conversion rate of 67% compared to cold calling which is only 3%. Surprisingly only 11% of business owners ask for referrals, but 91% are happy to give them. So as the saying goes if you don’t ask you don’t get!

3. Blogging. Not only does regular blogging dramatically improve your SEO opportunities but it also is the best way to demonstrate your skills & expertise. People work with people they like, know & trust and guess what…. Blogging is a brilliant way to build the like, know, trust factor and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your niche.

4. Networking. Technology is amazing these days, but we can’t and shouldn’t attempt to replace good old fashioned face to face networking. When you network within a circle of people who have the same values and goals as you, you find yourself in a very like minded community full of potential clients.

If you’re looking for a female focused small business networking community that can help you get more clients, then look no further than Come Network With Me!

CNWM has a variety of different networking experiences for women in business in Bristol & the South West.


7 things I do that make introverts feel at ease

1. Create an environment where there are no surprises. Introverts prefer to know what’s happening, where & when. This reduces the build up of anxiety - as much as possible you are removing the unknown. I offer an online Facebook group exclusively for guests, where they can get to know the other guests they are going to meet on the day. It gives them a feeling of belonging and being connected, it is less pressured than face to face. When they meet in person they already know these people and can continue conversations they’ve had online. They are not meeting strangers, they are meeting friends.

2. Prepare them for the day. People who find social situations uncomfortable will prefer to arrive early before everyone else. So information in advance about where to park, what the venue looks like and how best to get there will ease their feelings of worry or uncertainty.

3. Introverts don’t want to feel that they’ll be the only one. Reassure them with examples of quotes or testimonials that other guests have given saying how they felt anxious about networking, but they enjoyed the experience much more than they had imagined and were not only happy to do it again, but looking forward to it.

4. Tell them exactly what will happen on the day. Showing them video and photos from previous networking events will give them an insight into what it is really like. So they can see for themselves before they decide. A ‘try before you buy’ type opportunity.

5. A small number of people in an open welcoming place will put them at ease. Crowded pokey places with lots of people and lots of noise will only exaggerate an introvert's apprehension. I specifically design events for a maximum of 12 people in a beautiful tea room vintage boutique called Heartfelt Vintage. It is run by husband & wife team Kate & Will who homecook all our delicious lunches. So guests feel they are spending time with friends in an open warm informal environment. There is no pressure to perform or be anybody you are not.

6. Attract people with similar interests & goals and introverts will feel they belong. Everyone’s passion & energy for their business is high and this breeds security & support among a network.

7. Leading by example. I share my worries & concerns (as the whole group do) with my guests. They can see I have the same troubles as they do. Introverts then feel included, accepted & that there is a real sense of kinship.

Thank you for the contribution from Come Network With Me Tribe! Who without them my networking experiences wouldn't be successful or exist at all!

Come Network With Me is a monthly networking experience for female small business owners & start-ups in Bristol & the South West.

Three reasons why running is like social media

It is well known that I love running (I post pics of my pink trainers and places I’m running on social media quite a bit) and it is well known that I love social media (I am hugely passionate about unravelling the mysteries of social media for small businesses so they can benefit from this awesome online world).

So let’s kick of with the first similarity.

No1: It hurts at the beginning

If you are new to running or you are returning to running after a break (like having a baby!) then yes it can be really hard and yes it can really hurt! But as they say there is no gain without pain. This is like social media, before you step into this apparently confusing rather baffling world of tags, hashtags, mentions, retweets, shares & other oddities you may feel some pain. This is in the form of resistance, uncertainty, fearing change & fearing the unknown. But do not fear. Because a) the pain is short lived & b) I can minimise the pain for you.

No2: Little & often is best

If you think going out running in your local park for a quick jog once a fortnight is going to improve your fitness, stamina, endurance, health and so on then I’m sorry to tell you it isn’t! Well no that’s not exactly true, all exercise is good exercise but if you’re serious about running (read serious about your business) then you need to be training at least 3 times a week with a schedule to improve your fitness levels and challenge yourself.

Ok so let’s translate this into social media terms: if you post on Facebook on a random basis, say once a fortnight like our jogger then you are not going to get anywhere near where you’d like to get with your social media. Likewise if you tweet occasionally and expect to gain new followers and engagement then you’ve got the wrong idea. So often clients say to me ‘I’m on Twitter, but I’m not getting any followers or RTs’ The key word is ON. That’s it they are on Twitter. Yes, but they are not DOING Twitter!

Organise yourself a schedule to ensure you are CONSISTENT with your posts & tweets…. Little & often is the best strategy here. If your plan is to run a 5k within 3 months you’d need to start off running little and often, then build up the distance until you’re able to run 5k without stopping.

No3: The results can be astonishing!

I’ve heard so many people say how running has changed their lives and they’ve achieved a personal goal, maybe a new distance or PB or even a marathon when they never thought it would be possible. But they didn’t get there through an occasional spur of the moment run. OH NO! They got there through sheer hard work, dedication, training, commitment, perseverance & drive! Apply all these principles to your social media and you could be achieving incredible results too! I know its possible! Why? Because I’ve done it myself and I’ve helped clients do it too.

If you’d like to book in a complimentary social media strategy session where I can help you to see how you can achieve results with your business, then please click here & I look forward to helping you.

Enlightening, Motivating, Inspiring, Supportive.....

Need I go on? OK I will! Warm, Gorgeous, Fun, Stylish & more!!!

I asked my 'Come Network With Me' guests to describe the event in one word. One word that for them summed it up, how it made them feel. And this is what they said. Isn't this great? :)

Well I'm rather chuffed because most of us have probably at some time in our lives had a not so nice experience with networking. Uncomfortable, awkward, anxious, out of place, bored, waste of time, uninteresting, irrelevant..... any of these sound familiar?

The important bit here to remember is when you find whats right for you then stick with it and keep doing it. 'Not really my cup of tea' rings true here - there are zillions of different types of tea & equally as many different types of networking events. So find your perfect tea match and hey presto you're onto a winner!

If you're wondering if CNWM if your cup of tea? Well try it and find out! What have you got to lose? I can GUARANTEE you'll meet an incredibly lovely bunch of women who run their own businesses, often starting off from scratch. They've made mistakes, they've learnt a lot, they've gained enormous amounts of experience, they've won new clients & new business.

Most of all they are strong positive inspiring women. Just my 'cup of tea'.


Take a look HERE for all upcoming CNWM events. See you soon for a refreshing style of networking!

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