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CNWM The Expert Series with Becs Miller: How To Plan Your First PR Campaign

  • Bakesmiths 65 Whiteladies Road Bristol, England, BS8 2LY United Kingdom (map)

Come Network With Me is a heart-centred business connecting female business community members together to create a sense of belonging without the need for conformity. A place where members feel safe and ‘good enough’ as themselves, where they come to get support and dismiss the loneliness of self employment and where daring to be different and diversity is not only encouraged but celebrated.

Our CNWM The Expert Series brings you a diverse range of exceptional guest experts. 

Each expereince will combine an hour theory before lunch & then an hour practical session, so be prepared to get stuck in!

Our Guest Expert for April is Publicity Coach & Founder of Write & Reach. Becs is a PR Coach for Inspired Entrepreneurs & has been featured in Psychologies Magazine, Female Entrepreneur Association, Huffington Post & Career Shifters.

The world of PR is changing fast. It’s no longer simply enough to send out a press release. If you really want to get seen and heard, you want to work with influencers. There’s a global network of bloggers, podcasters and influencers who are just waiting to work with you – but you need to know what they want in order to get the best results.

In this masterclass with Rebecca Miller of Write & Reach, we’ll start by finding out what they do and how they can help you, and then you’ll get the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for your first influencer campaign – with expert advice and guidance from Becs at every step of the way.

By the end of the session you will:

  • Know what an influencer is and where they hang out

  • Have some ideas for Podcasts to target

  • Understand how they can help boost your brand – whether you have a product or service business

  • Have mapped out some ideas for your first campaign

This is an interactive session and you’ll receive a worksheet to go along with the training.

About Rebecca Miller

Becs launched her business Write & Reach in 2014 in order to help entrepreneurs raise their profile and credibility through the power of PR. Since then she has worked with entrepreneurs from around the world to help them get featured in places such as BBC Breakfast, Huffington Post, Best Health Magazine, Success Magazine, Making Jewellery and more. She has created The Publicity Program, and online training to share her tried and tested techniques. As well as working with entrepreneurs, she also manages marketing and PR for various charities in Bristol.

Special offer for attendees:

Becs is offering an exciting opportunity for CNWM attendees to receive 20% off any of her online courses or a one-to-one with her. She will give an exclusive code at the event.


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