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CNWM The Expert Series with Fanny Snaith: Making friends with your finances

  • Bakesmiths 65 Whiteladies Road Bristol, England, BS8 2LY United Kingdom (map)

Come Network With Me is a heart-centred business connecting female business community members together to create a sense of belonging without the need for conformity. A place where members feel safe and ‘good enough’ as themselves, where they come to get support and dismiss the loneliness of self employment and where daring to be different and diversity is not only encouraged but celebrated.

Our CNWM The Expert Series brings you a diverse range of exceptional guest experts. 

Each expereince will combine a theory & practical session, so be prepared to get stuck in!

Our Guest Expert for June is Fanny Snaith The Money Coach.

Money conversations make so many of us feel uncomfortable yet we use money, need money and think about money daily.  

Fanny will be staring the money taboo in the face and helping us to see the brighter, lighter side of money.  She will help us to start looking at money in a new, more positive way. She will reveal the reasons why we find it so hard to talk about money and why we find it so hard to manage our money effectively.  She will also show us why this need not be the case and how we can all reach our financial potential, which helps massively to also reach our personal potential.

During the afternoon workshop, she will introduce us to the 8 Money Archetypes and guide us through exercises that will reveal which archetypes are sabotaging our financial success and why.  She will introduce you to ways of creating positive wealth building behaviour so that you can actively work your way towards the financial future you have always dreamed of.

Most people never become financially successful and go through life never knowing why.  Join us and don’t let this be your money story..

Fanny’s intention is to stir things up and to change the way you think and feel about money -  forever.

About Fanny:

Fanny Snaith is not an accountant or an IFA.  In fact, she has never worked in financial services. She has, however, had plenty of experience with people and money.  She has two children, a great husband and has worked hard on building a firm financial foundation to future proof them all.

Having watched her mother lose a large inheritance though careless spending and poor money management, Fanny made the vow to tread a different path.  She trained and worked as theatrical stage manager, worked in the television industry as a production manager and spent thirteen years doing ‘all things accounts and contracts’ for a consultancy firm based in the US and the UK.  

Now working as a Certified Money Coach(CMC)®, Certified Business Archetype Coach, and Couples Money Coach she enjoys working with people to understand and change their relationship with money so that they can experience their greatest financial and personal potential.  

Fanny is committed to helping the world better understand the meaning and purpose of money in our lives.   She believes that talking about money, discovering and challenging our belief systems about money, can only make us and the world engage better with the wonderful tool and resource money is meant to be.

Visit Fanny’s website to find out more about Money Coaching.  Why not take the Money Type Quiz to find out what kind of relationship you are having with money now?  All the info is found here:


I have just had my sessions with Fanny, my personal Financial Freedom Fighter. I am one of those who would say that money and I do not go hand in hand. However, having worked with Fanny, she has helped me to see my relationship with money from a more positive and healthy perspective. From understanding my archetypes, to which one is in control when I contemplate or go to handover my card, to who needs to be paid first and how cost the services I provide. Working with her has really helped to shift my money pattern and helped me to realise ‘who’ and ‘what’ is more important. She has made a real difference. Thank you Fanny
— Maxine Smith

Fanny tells us more...

As a Certified Money Coach(CMC)® I love helping others to take control of their finances so that they can find a path to financial freedom. So many have negative feelings about money and I would like to discover those with you and help you to smash them to pieces so that you can be happy and make purchases and plans with a smile.



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