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CNWM The Expert Series with Tamsin Acheson-Building Your Dream: Bringing Great Ideas to Successful Reality

  • The Florist Park Street Bristol, England, BS1 5PB United Kingdom (map)

Come Network With Me is a heart-centred business connecting female business community members together to create a sense of belonging without the need for conformity. A place where members feel safe and ‘good enough’ as themselves, where they come to get support and dismiss the loneliness of self employment and where daring to be different and diversity is not only encouraged but celebrated.

Our CNWM The Expert Series brings you a diverse range of exceptional guest experts. 

Each expereince will combine a theory & practical session, so be prepared to get stuck in!

Our Expert for October is Tamsin Acheson, a very successful and wonderful business coach and the founder of the support community network The Business Haven.

Tamsin says:

"I try to infuse everything I do with honesty, respect, authenticity, openness, kindness and fun. I do my best. These are my values - you can hold me to them! My style is pragmatic and solution focused. I see potential in every person and every situation. I believe we are all unique and should be valued as such. I build all my relationships on a foundation of trust, positive regard and understanding."

Come and build a DREAM !

This workshop delivers a multi-level thinking and planning process that takes “great ideas” and creates successful realities. 
Once understood, the system can be used for: products, services, business ideas, organisations, shared interest communities and groups, books, articles, courses, websites, projects and events, inspired ideas, purpose – pretty much anything that needs both creative thinking and strategic planning.
So many dreams end in the dream graveyards of missed opportunity due to a lack of planning and progressive, consistent action. 
This simple process coaches out a living strategy that is used and grown throughout the journey from Dream Concept to Dream Built. 
The 8 steps focus on different levels of inner and outer resources, building from a high level of thinking to a ground level of practicality and action. 
This process is effective because it follows a natural and rock solid logic, progressing through layer upon layer of questions that follow a logical sequence. It is built is alignment to your values and is driven by the high octane levels of purpose and meaning. Without this, action is empty and sustained dream building almost impossible.
Once you go through and understand the process you can add it to your tool box and you have a skilled planning process for life.

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