There is an event for everyone – intimate, delicious lunches with a networking focus, larger evening extravaganzas with entertainment and a social vibe, and learning experiences with experts happy to share their specialist wisdom and insights.

These events are supported by two online communities: CNWM Facebook Group, which is open to all female small business owners & start-ups in Bristol & the South-West, and CNWM The Tribe, for those who have taken their commitment to the next level and opted for membership and accompanying perks.

Your network is almost like a sisterhood not a power networking event. But to be honest I think it’s your personality as the leader that has set that warm, inviting tone to your events that makes CNWM so different.
— Jessi Frey
Can’t believe I’ve been too nervous to come along before today. Loved meeting all of you and thanks for all of the advice you gave. I had such a fab time I didn’t even (much) mind the parking ticket I received!
— Jenny Shaw
CNWM is no ordinary networking group - it focuses on building deep quality connections that offer the best advice on how to take your business forward. Venue is amazing, food delicious and just a really relaxed atmosphere to learn and grow. Anyone nervous of joining / attending a networking group - look no further!
— Kiron Collett
Small groups of genuine people who are there to support one another rather than compete or sell. It feels very unique and special and as others have said, this friendly feeling radiates from you, thank you Sarah!
— Ellie Bowie
It doesn’t even feel like a networking event. It feels like a group of lovely women, all with similar goals in life, getting together to help each other out.
— Donna Hewitt
Just the fact that all your events are small groups is a HUGE plus for introverts. I usually find it overwhelming to walk into a room full of people I don’t know
— Viktoria Kuti
Most amazing networking group. You are made to feel at ease as soon as you enter the room and all those worries about how you will come across disappear! It’s like going out for a coffee and cake with your old friends and having a good old chat however here you come away with a list of exciting to do’s for your business and some lovely new friends! X
— Tara Guthrie


I have always been full of ideas and able to see the true potential in all of them, I have always believed in my dreams and my ability to bring them to fruition. This is what I want to share with others and CNWM is the platform that reaches women who need support, a sense of belonging and for someone to believe alongside them, encouraging them to confidently share their genius with the world.