At the heart of CNWM is “The Tribe” - A community of inspirational female business owners who are fully committed to building their dreams, and supporting the dreams of others. We are united in one common purpose – to help, support and inspire each other. The Tribe is a place where ideas are conceived, action is motivated and business relationships are created and consolidated resulting in shared benefits, growth, and success.


The Tribe is small and exclusive in its intimacy whilst being a celebration of difference in terms of the diversity of businesses, approaches, opinions and expertise. In the Tribe there is an authentic sense of belonging that does not require conformity, it is a space where female business owners can be themselves, without judgment. We create opportunities for each other and watch our businesses flourish as we share the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial path we have chosen in the spirit of giving and receiving mutual support.



Tribe membership has many accompanying benefits:

  • Quarterly Social Media mentoring program in our private Facebook group with weekly tasks & Live Q&A’s covering LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

  • Exclusive opportunity to book a 121 Social Media Power Hour with me!

  • Support & advice from like minded local business owners

  • Collaborations & business opportunities

  • A safe place to practise, for example Facebook Lives, your 1 minute pitch etc

  • A community of positive kind & generous women to share our business journey with.

  • Priority booking & Tribe discounts on CNWM events

  • Opportunity to book Tribe only monthly Masterminds & Online Masterminds

  • Gain new clients & ambassadors for your business!


Introducing Mastermind Tokens! Mastermind Tokens can be used to purchase Mastermind events during the year of your membership.

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Tier 1:

Standard Membership

Tier 2:

Membership with 3 Mastermind Tokens

Tier 3:

Membership with 6 Mastermind Tokens

“The Tribe is:
a powerhouse of personal and professional support;
a safe place to be vulnerable and air personal and business struggles and problems;
a heart-centred group of women who are committed to being real as well as successful;
a source of tons of invaluable help with the nuts and bolts of running and marketing a business;
a place to celebrate and commiserate as and when you need it;
a group of freelance ‘colleagues’;
a group of beautiful friends.

I’ve learned so much as a Tribie’ I’ve been so supported and held through all aspects of building my business. I don’t think I’d have anything like the profile, uptake of clients and positive feedback without all the things I’ve learned from Sarah and other Tribe members.

And of course, there are the many celebratory, laughter-filled moments with these fabulous friends involving Prosecco and sparkly clothes that my husband is always surprised when I wear…”
— Frances Butt Alexander Technique Teacher